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​Michael D. Griffiths (a.k.a. Capt. Alex Bone)

Michael has lived and traveled throughout Arizona and the American West since before receiving his Anthropology Degree from the University of Arizona. He has explored most national parks several times and discovered dozens of the most secret and remote camping sites in the isolated regions of the southwest.  A published author with eight novels currently in print, Michael is also a First Aid and CPR instructor, and has also begun a new hobby, doing stand-up comedy. Let this well experienced outdoorsman help share with you some of the most hidden and exciting areas the southwest has to offer.

Jeremy D. Carr (a.k.a. Boston Jeremy)

Jeremy was born and raised in the Boston, MA area, and has been a lifelong victim to his wanderlust. After many travels all around the continental 48 states, it became apparent that the southwest was the most beautiful and alluring area this country had to offer, so that is where Jeremy finally stopped moving long enough to put down roots. He has been living in and exploring the American Southwest for going on 12 years now. An experienced tour guide in Northern Arizona, Jeremy started AZ Adventure Tours & Events in order to show all of the hidden wonders of the area to any visitors or locals who want to see them.

AZ Adventure Tours & Events is a unique style. locally owned and operated Tour and Event planning business based in Flagstaff, AZ. We do things a little different here. Sure, we can show you the Grand Canyon like all the other tour companies, and we will give you the better experience, but our specialty is showing Arizona visitors and residents alike all the other amazing places in and around Northern Arizona where the other tour companies do not go, even to some places the other tour companies do not even know about! All our tour guides and planners are carefully selected for local knowledge and experience, and are some of the most expert guides you will find in Northern Arizona. All of our tours offer local guides who are showing you some of their favorite places to go.  Check out our Tour Packages and Guides For Hire pages, and if you do not see what you want  we can always customize a package for you. Please check out our Services page for more details as well. Thank you for considering AZ Adventure Tours & Events.


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