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Deer Farm

This unique sort of petting zoo has been operating in Williams, AZ for over 40 years. With numerous exotic animals you wouldn’t expect to see in a petting zoo, the Deer Farm is a great place for kids and animal lovers of all ages. From mini-donkeys to reindeer, from a camel to a buffalo, from marmosets to wallabies, this is a petting zoo that sits a step above the rest. (Does anyone even know what a Coatimundi is? I wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the Deer Farm.) A lot of work goes into a park like this, as all of the animals have to be raised from infancy by the trainers in order to prepare them for such a public life. This makes for a wonderful dynamic where the animals aren’t just considered exhibits, but the trainers and animals all live as one big happy family. No doubt your family will be happy too after visiting the Deer Farm and meeting all of the animals. And don't forget the gift shop! Full of trinkets, Americana and one-of-a-kind Arizona keepsakes, the Deer Farm gift shop is a destination all it's own for the collector in all of us. Bring home an original piece of Northern Arizona to help you remember the experience. The animals and owners of the Deer Farm will be grateful for your support.


Conveniently located just off of Interstate 40 only 30 minutes west of Flagstaff, Bearizona is Northern Arizona's premiere drive-through wildlife park. With 160 acres to work with, they give visitors plenty of territory to cover and a menagerie of animals for guests to experience up close. Beginning with the drive-through portion of the park, we will roll through 3+ miles of Ponderosa forest while encountering wolves, bears and bison just to name a few. From there we park at the walk through area, a more traditional zoo-style setting covering 20 acres adjacent to the drive-through area. Here you can check out the famous raptor show, always a highlight of the visit, and/or take the Wild Ride Bus Tour where you ride back through the drive-through portion in an open air bus for an even closer encounter with the beasts in the woods. No matter how you do it, Bearizona is always a great place to spend the day with the family.

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​​​​Family Fun Animal Tour

​Deer Farm Petting Zoo and Bearizona Wildlife Park

​Location: Williams, AZ

Duration: Around 6-8 hours

Difficulty: 1/5​


     If you are looking for a great day of family fun this tour is for you. Whether it be a kid's birthday party, family visiting from out of town or just looking for a family day get-away, the Deer Farm and Bearizona are a great combination guaranteeing enjoyment for everyone in the family. With a true menagerie of animals on display, animal lovers of all ages will love this tour package.

     After picking you up at the location of your choice, we are off to the Deer Farm where you can interact with a wide assortment of exotic and curious creatures from around the world. This is not your typical petting zoo! With animlas like mini cattle, marmosets and mule deer you will get to pet some animals you may never even heard of, and that is just the M's!

     Then we head off to Bearizona, AZ's premiere drive-thru wildlife park. Here you will come up close to some mighty predators like timber wolves, black and brown bears and their newest predator the jaguar. With both drive-thru and walk-thru areas, an open air bus tour through the predator enclosures, an amazing raptor show including hawks, owls and falcons, and even a little petting zoo of their own, it is easy to spend the rest of the day enjoying the Bearizona experience.