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Kachina Trail

Kachina Trail is one of Flagstaff’s favorite hikes. We will start at the top by Snow Bowl, Arizona’s premiere ski resort where you ski in the volcanic crater itself, and hike approximately seven miles down the side of the mountain. As we make our way through the ponderosa forest interspersed with groves of aspen and fields of giant ferns, and witness the panoramic views from over 8,ooo feet elevation, visitors will quickly realize why this trail is a favorite among locals. A particularly impressive hike in the fall when the aspen leaves patchwork the green forest with runs of gold, but always a beautiful trail. At the bottom we will get picked back up in the tour vehicle and then it is off to the Lava Tube.

Lava Tube

This is a very different sort of hiking experience. Not for the highly claustrophobic or those afraid of the dark. We will be hiking through a magma formed lava tube that runs nearly a mile below the ground. There are not a lot of places in the world where you can experience a hike like this, and we are the only tour company around that offers this element on our tour schedule. Do not miss this unique attraction. Known as a well-kept local secret, we at AZ Adventure Tours & Events would like to open this local wonder to the world. For those hearty enough to brave the lava tubes, it will be a story you find yourself telling again and again. We will bring the lights, you just need to bring your love for adventure, oh, and a jacket, it’s always cold in the lave tube.

Red Mountain

An easy hike through high desert terrain brings you to the geological wonder of Red Mountain’s inner basin. Formed by various types of volcanic activity, the specifics of how this 740,000-year-old cinder cone formed remains a mystery. About a mile into the hike we come to huge black cinder hills formed by an ancient lava flow out of the side of the volcano. Following the base of these cinder hills brings us to the volcano’s inner basin, a moon-like colorful landscape thought to have been formed by a volcanic vent below the U-shaped mountain. This is essentially hiking straight into a volcanic crater. Another unique experience, the otherworldliness of Red Mountain is the perfect setting in which to conclude this volcanic adventure.

BRING hiking boots, a headlamp (if you have one) and a warm jacket. This is a multi-environment tour including a lot of hiking. We will provide all the water you need for the day, but you need some thick soled shoes to keep your feet comfy and a headlamp and jacket for the lava tube as it is always cold and dark down there regardless of the outdoor conditions. And don't worry, we will carry some extra headlamps and jackets in the van in case any of our guests need one.

Our tour vehicles are always well stocked with water and snacks for all tour groups. With an in-depth knowledge of the locations and histories of the tour destinations, our tour guides will do their best to make sure you enjoy your experience with us to the utmost.

​Mount Humphries, Kachina Trail, Lava Tube, Red Mountain

​Location: North of Flagstaff (Route 180)

Duration: 8-10 hours

Difficulty: 2/5 - 4/5 depending on how you do it​

​     ​​Around 10,000 years ago a major volcanic eruption occurred just north of what is now known as Flagstaff, AZ. This eruption did much to reshape the local landscape and cultures. Now known as the San Francisco Peaks, the remnants of this volcano shape the tallest mountain chain in Arizona. Surrounding this monument to nature’s power is a chain of other smaller volcanos connected by a maze of underground tunnels, known as lava tubes, formed by ancient magma flows. This tour is comprised of three of the most uniquely beautiful hiking trails in the Flagstaff area. From the slopes of Mt. Humphries, Arizona’s biggest volcano, to the underground lava tube and the inner basin of Red Mountain, our volcano hiking tour will take you through the ins and outs of the San Francisco Volcanic Field.
     Beginning with Kachina Trail which takes you down the side of Mt. Humphries, the tallest peak in Arizona, continuing on to a nearby nearly mile-long lava tube and concluding at the inner basin of Red Mountain, this is Flagstaff’s most intense, one-of-a-kind hiking tour experience. With 11 miles of hiking over various terrains, this tour is for the experienced hiker only.